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life is goooooood.

  • Apr. 1st, 2007 at 12:03 AM
life is becoming better and better every day. well, a lot has happened this week. all of it is very exciting.

well, for starters, I ended up getting third in hurdles out of the gateway girls and I won both of my heats. =D it was really awesome.

secondly, I got my PROM DRESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its sooooo pretty. I love it. it should be coming in sometime this week, and I can't wait to see what it looks like on me in the right size and the right color. its just another thing that makes me even more excited for prom. =D

thirdly, I GOT INTO NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited when my mom gave me the letter. I was actually kind of nervous that I wouldn't get in because I've been really quiet in my classes this year, but its just because I don't really know anyone in my classes and I feel weird speaking out my opinion in front of them, especially all the seniors I have in my classes. but, I guess my activities and my grades got me in.

fourthly, I think I'm starting to like him more. =D we went to the movies tonight, and he said something really cute and cheesy, but I don't even care. sometimes the cheesiest things are the cutest. lol. v-connnn knows who I'm talkin' about.

fifthly, I CANNOT WAIT FOR PROM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish it was a lot sooner!!!!!! its going to be a really interesting night, and probably a night to remember. it really is going to be really exciting, I wish it was on the 20th like my cousins'. that would be AMAZING!!!

sixthly, les mis is starting to come along GREAT. it kind of doesn't feel like musical time, because our practices suck and i don't really do anything at them, but I love this show.

seventhly, I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fourth day of summer, I'm going to the fray, mae, and OK Go concert with veronica!!!! we're going to have sooo much fun, and these bands are going to be amazing. we're in the pit, so I'm hoping we can get close enough to the stage so that we can like reach out our hands and have band members touch them!!!!!!!!!!!!! =D

alright, so, its late. and I have church tomorrow. I'm outtie, yooo.



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